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Ishawna Tablecloth Controversy

Published: 20 July 2017 | By
20 July 2017, Comments: 0

Dancehall Artist Ishawna may have very well committed career suicide when she referred to one of Jamaica’s iconic figure, the late Rt. Hon. Dr.

Haste Makes Waste

Published: 6 July 2017 | By
6 July 2017, Comments: 0

Hastily making damning moves, in careers, relationships, finances, health etc., is homogenous among people of all walks of life. None of us can factually

Being Awoke Fuels Freedom

Published: 5 July 2017 | By
5 July 2017, Comments: 0

That is freedom from mental slavery and living a life of hypocrisy. Freedom from piety, material and esthetic aggression. Freedom to accept responsibility for

A NOTE from Global Linkz Radio founder, Empress Skortcher

Published: 29 December 2016 | By
29 December 2016, Comments: 0

Family and friends, it has been an amazing year of sharing love, pain, friendship, grief, joys, shock, peace, and so much with you all!

Neil Mattei The Musical Prime Minister Coming Soon

Published: 15 December 2016 | By
15 December 2016, Comments: 0

Global Linkz Radio has positioned itself as a pioneer in the Global delivery of diversity in Caribbean internet radio and continues to expand its

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